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Spring 2019 LA Galaxy OC Volunteer Registration


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Volunteer Opportunity Description
Coach The volunteer position of coach is intended to allow players to develop in a fun, positive and progressive manner in line with our coaching curriculum and player pathway.
Assistant Coach The volunteer position of assistant coach is intended to assist the head coach in coaching responsibilities, related to the team. The assistant coach will also undertake all the same training and compliance requirements as the head coach.
Age Group Coordinator The volunteer positions of age group coordinator is intended to handle activities and communication within that age group. Age groups are established by age groups and/or gender. This particular role will become a point of contact for coaches within an age bracket. The person will work closely with the program director in the build up to and during the season.
Uniform Coordinator The volunteer position of uniform coordinator is intended to work with the club uniform coordinator, program manager and office manager to order and distribute team uniforms. At the start of the season and on completion of the teams and roster we have the task of distributing the uniform.
Trophy Coordinator End of season trophies – this role requires someone to work closely with the program director to oversee this area.
Player Evaluation Coordinator The volunteer position of player evaluation coordinator is intended to organize and distribute player grading forms as players need to be evaluated by their coaches for opportunities for progression within our player pathway.
Events Coordinator The volunteer position of Events Coordinator is intended to be responsible for organizing any one of or all special events hosted or participated in by LAGOC recreational programs and to work with the Events Manager.


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